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Travel Guides To Backcountry Destinations

Follow my footsteps with the help of my Travel Guides to Canadian destinations and Alaska, USA to less known, more remote, and off the beaten path.

Canada’s Provinces, Territories and Alaska USA

First, decide which Province or Territory you would like to explore. This depends on how much time you have available, what type of transportation you will use, what your interests are and how much you like to rough it. Never forget the size of the country when you plan the route. Make sure to get yourself some good backcountry maps.

There are many Canada Destinations in the backcountry to choose from.

Visiting the same area is a different experience for every person. It is important to plan your Canada destinations wisely to ensure that your travel route suits your interests and budget. Whatever area in Canada you’re planning to visit, make sure to get out of the cities and take a road trip into the backcountry.

Get Off The Beaten Path

and discover hidden backcountry treasures along the way

My travel guides cover major tourist attractions. However, I especially like to share with you all the travel secrets I gathered over the years and tell you about off-grid destinations.

Most overseas visitors come to British Columbia and Alberta for their first trip to Canada. Everybody wants to travel through the majestic Rocky Mountains. Despite this fact, Canada has lots of other travel highlights and adventures to offer.

Travel Guides Yukon
Kluane National Park, Yukon

Canada is a country filled with wonderfully friendly people and has a diverse wonderful wild landscape. People here chat with you and are interested in your travels. Canadians are sociable and friendly.

The northern lights in the Yukon, the boreal forests and arctic tundra of the Northwest Territories, the beaches on the coast, the mountains of Alberta, and the rainforests of Vancouver Island, Canada is scattered with a natural splendour that should not be missed. This beautiful wild country has a lot to offer, enough to last a lifetime.

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Bonus: It’s easy to get a working holiday visa for Canada. Work and travel is a great way to get to know the Canadian way of life and meet the locals.

Canada Destinations - lakes and mountains
Canada is a country of mountains and lakes

Enjoy planning your trip, it’s part of the fun and excitement until you’re ready to hit the road!

Canada is the place for a Horseback Riding Adventure