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Category Archive: Outdoor Activities

Geocaching close to home

Geocaching: Why EVERY Backcountry Traveller Should Get Hooked

Geocaching: The sport of using billion-dollar military hardware to find Tupperware boxes hidden in the woods…” Not sure who first came up with that quote, but it is a good explanation what Geocaching is all about: using satellites to locate hidden treasures. Actually, Geocaching is a highly addictive outdoor treasure hunt played throughout the world by adults and kids. It […]

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Mirror Lake – Monashee Mountains

Dirt paths often lead to amazing places. Mountains and Hiking are something I love. It’s distracting, you’re in nature and your mind is rejuvenating. Mountains have always been part of my life. What a flat, dull place the world would be without mountains! They were the picturesque backdrop of the home where I grew up, close to the Swiss Alps. […]

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Northern Canada Top 10 Things To Do

So, you decided to head up to Northern Canada, to the vast land of untouched wilderness. To an area of Canada know to be a wonderful playground for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Choosing What To Do in Northern Canada Outdoor activities in Northern Canada are plentiful.  What kind of activities are offered depends on your destination. If you’re a wildlife […]

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