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Heliskiing Canada, Backcountry Adventure

Heliskiing Canada is a once-in-a-lifetime winter adventure. Imagine, carving your way down from the top of a mountain peak through deep powder in Canada’s remote mountains.

What is Heliskiing?

Heliskiing Canada is off-trail, downhill skiing in which the skier is taken up the mountain by helicopter. This takes you to places with untouched snow conditions on remote mountainsides. You will be far away from the groomed slopes of a ski resort. You reach high areas and spectacular slopes by helicopter. These areas would otherwise be difficult to access.

Heliskiing in Canada is a unique experience, showing you a magical view of the mountain world. The thrill of gliding through powder snow, and down slopes that may have never been skied on before is an experience of a lifetime for many people.

Heliskiing has become a popular winter adventure and attracts more skiers and snowboarders every year.

Heliskiing Canada, the best in the world

In fact, Canada is considered the most important heliskiing destination in the world. Because of environmental issues, heliskiing is restricted or prohibited in some European countries. Some mountain experts argue, since heliskiing is done in remote places it consequently leaves no impact on the environment apart from a few temporary tracks in the snow.

Therefore skiers from all over the world come to Canada for the adventure and an exciting heliskiing experience. Canada is the perfect playground for it.

Heliskiing season in the Western regions is from December to April.

Heliskiing British Columbia Canada
Deep powder and heliskiing fun in BC

What Operator to choose

First of all, no Heliski operator is cheap. Most operators guarantee you an exclusive and luxury heliskiing snow adventure.

Western Canada is the perfect destination for this adventure. More than twenty heliskiing operators are scattered throughout British Columbia and Alberta. The two provinces are known for consistent snowfalls, cool temperatures, and massive mountain ranges. This results in untouched powder, steep descents, and wild terrain.

My suggestion is to look for a smaller operator with a less well-known terrain; away from large tourist centres.

Many small heliskiing operators are located near small mountain towns.

All the operators offer a variety of ski packages and services. Basically, you get to choose from high-end luxury accommodation and first-class dining to basic room and board.

Imagine days of skiing fresh powder on a week-long excursion. For a shorter experience head to a ski resort for a single day of heliskiing. It’s easy to add lift-skiing or backcountry touring to a heliskiing vacation if you want to hit the slopes every day.

The highest concentration of heliski operators is probably near Golden and Revelstoke. Ski resorts in this area offer single-day heliskiing. A few operators based around Nelson fly to the towering peaks of the Selkirks and Purcells.

The Rocky, Caribou, and Monashee mountains are made up of large glaciers, deep valleys, and the summits of provincial parks. You will get everything from glaciated plateaus to open snowfields to treed runs. The sunny climate brings excellent snow conditions and blue skies. Kingfisher Heliskiing is located in the Central Monashee Mountain Range, British Columbia. This is a great outfit to choose for your Heliskiing Canada adventure.

Heliskiing in Canada Adventure

What gear do you need for heliskiing in Canada?

Each group in the helicopter usually carries a backpack containing essential rescue items.

Most operators supply clients with powder skis and poles. Some operators will rent them for an extra price. Make sure to check in advance. You are expected to bring your own boots and proper clothing.

Heliskiing is suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers with good physical fitness. Actually, each operator has probably different guidelines. As long as you are able to ski blue and black diamond runs, you will be fine.

A Special Note for air travellers

Certain airlines request that you pre-book sports equipment before you travel, please check with your airline.

Carry your ski and snowboard boots as hand luggage on your flight to ensure they arrive with you at your destination.

What about safety?

Remember, snow conditions in the mountains can change almost every day. This is caused by the sun, wind, change in temperature, and new snowfalls.

The danger of avalanches is a safety concern for heliskiing operators. Guides and pilots employed in the heliskiing business all have to undergo intensive training. All guides are experienced in evaluating risky conditions and how to deal with them. Guides are equipped with emergency equipment and are trained on how to use it.

In bad weather conditions with limited visibility, high winds, and freezing rain the operators may be unable to fly. Different conditions will often only mean different terrain choices. Operators will try and find the best snow quality whatever the weather is.

The guides always strive to find the best snow conditions possible. When in the mountains, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected. Mother nature will always keep you guessing.

Heliskiing Canada stands for dry, deep powder snow and world-class tree skiing!