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Start Here Your Wilderness Adventure

Is Canada on top of your bucket list, or you’re a frequent Canada traveller looking for new travel ideas and a unique wilderness adventure? Or you’re a Canadian city dweller ready to explore the land? If any of this is the case, you have come to the right place.

Start Exploring and follow my footsteps

Travel Tips and Resources

Are you wondering where to gather the information needed for a wilderness adventure in Canada? With so much information out there it easily can become overwhelming. Planning is the key to a successful Canada experience.

Backcountry Canada Travel is your direct link to Canada and the backcountry. I live here and I travel here. I spend countless hours sharing with you my knowledge for free.

My information makes planning your gap year in Canada, adventure road trips, backpacking trips, and wilderness adventure travel fun and safe. From my own experiences, I share with you useful tips whether for a weekend getaway, a two-week Wilderness Adventure or a one or two-year-long stay.

Good Planning Is The Key to any Canadian travel adventure

Whatever is on your bucket list, a road trip to the Yukon, a trek up the Dempster Highway to the Arctic, hiking in the Rockies, trekking the Tombstone Mountains, wild camping, travelling in British Columbia and Alberta, you have come to the right place.

Exploring the Canadian wilderness is my passion.

Start Here with planning

I want to make sure that you don’t follow tourist traps. Additionally, I try to convince you that independent travel is for everyone and any age. It all has to do with your mindset, whether you are single, a couple, a backpacker, or an adventurer like me. The information and travel tips I share will make you hit the road into the backcountry with confidence and you will be prepared.

Find out how I travel in Canada solo as a minimalist and how I venture into the backcountry.

For many of you planning a road trip on a well-travelled tourist route on a paved road is already an adventure. Try to get off the beaten track once in a while and check out the many gravel highways in Canada. This will be a highlight and wilderness adventure pure!

I encourage you to spend time in Canada’s backcountry and you will experience a wilderness you can’t even imagine.

The reason I can inspire you is that I live the adventure many people only can dream about.

For a taste of the Old West, cowboy life and horses, consider staying at a wilderness ranch for a couple of days. If time is limited, book a horseback ride for a mini experience.

Despite independent travel, adding a guided tour is worth it. There are countless options, depending on your interest.

If you are looking for general destination information, please visit Destination Guides or use the search bar on the top right of the navigation bar.

For other tips and ideas, check out Travel Resources and my Outdoor Store for backcountry maps, and cool camping equipment. When buying and booking through my website I will receive a small commission. It helps to pay for part of the costs of maintaining this website.

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