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Category Archive: Hiking

7 Spectacular North Okanagan Hikes

The North Okanagan boasts some of the most spectacular hikes in British Columbia. Walk through the old-growth forest over moss-covered floors and follow the trails up to alpine meadows surrounded by jagged mountains and stunning glaciers. For every adventure traveller, an all-day backcountry hiking experience during an Okanagan vacation is a must. When venturing into the remote countryside you will […]

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Geocaching close to home

Geocaching: Why EVERY Backcountry Traveller Should Get Hooked

“Geocaching: The sport of using billion-dollar military hardware to find Tupperware boxes hidden in the woods.” Not sure who first came up with that quote, but it is a good explanation of what Geocaching is all about: using satellites to locate hidden treasures. Actually, Geocaching is a highly addictive outdoor treasure hunt played throughout the world by adults and kids. […]

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Mirror-Lake-Monashee Mountains BC

Mirror Lake – Monashee Mountains

Dirt paths often lead to amazing places. Mountains and Hiking are something I love. It’s distracting, you’re in nature and your mind is rejuvenating. Mountains have always been part of my life. What a flat, dull place the world would be without mountains! They were the picturesque backdrop of the home where I grew up, close to the Swiss Alps. […]

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