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Working Holiday Canada in the Hospitality Industry

The most popular jobs for travellers on working holiday visas in Canada are jobs in the hospitality industry.

Working Holiday in the Hospitality Industry

How to find a job in the Hospitality Industry

Where ever there are tourists you can find a job.

In other words, you can find work in the places you want to see anyway. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect working holiday Canada?

If you come with some previous experience it is easy to pick up work in the Canadian hospitality industry. It’s also good that there is such a variation of jobs. There is something for everyone who comes for a working holiday Canada adventure.

  • June to September is the best time to find jobs in tourist areas, mainly in the southern provinces.
  • December to April is the time to find jobs in the many ski resorts all over Canada.

During the rest of the time you also find work, it just might take a little longer.

Most times a working holiday in Canada starts in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto. In larger cities, it may be more competitive and it may need a bit more effort to find work.

Still, finding a job in the hospitality industry is not hard. As the numbers of tourists grow, so does the demand for staff.

How to find work – What do you need?

Coffee shops, pubs and restaurants, hotels and motels, backpackers hostels, bars and nightclubs, Lodges and 5-star resorts and backcountry roadhouses, all need good workers. A good way to start your working holiday in Canada. Festivals or functions are also ideal places to pick up work for a few days and make some extra cash.

Depending on the kind of work you are targeting, you may need a resume and references as proof, that you are experienced and can work to their standard. For some jobs, you may need a uniform (black pants/skirt and white shirt).

If your job in British Columbia involves serving alcohol, you might need to do the mandatory self-study course “Serving It Right”. Other provinces across Canada have other responsible liquor service programs. These certifications are partly interchangeable between provinces.

There is also plenty of work for kitchen hands, maintenance staff, and administration jobs…anything you can think of that is required to run a successful business in the hospitality industry.

For a working holiday job in Canada, you need to be flexible and hardworking and they all want to grab you, especially at backcountry resorts! They are all desperate for quality, reliable staff during the tourist season. And if you are a chef, well, pick your location and name your price! You will have no problem at all finding employment.

No matter what kind of work you are after in the hospitality industry, the best way to pick up a good job is to be in the right place at the right time (matter of luck and research). Bring the right attitude, positive, keen and committed) and confidently walk in and ask to see the manager or whoever is making the hiring decision.

Do you prefer to make contact in writing or via telephone first?

Most resorts, hotels, and backpackers have websites, and more often than not those websites have not only information about the facilities and room rates, but also an employment page.

No experience and very insecure?

Many budget hostels and backpackers offer deals where you get free accommodation in exchange for a few hours of cleaning or helping with other chores. That is a way to get some work experience.

The further you get away from the cities the less the paperwork matters. It all comes down to your personality and approach. Positive, outgoing people who like to learn new things and who are not afraid of work are welcome anywhere in the backcountry! You have a good chance for a working holiday Canada experience.

A Canadian working holiday in the hospitality industry is a good way to experience the country and its people.

Don’t forget Travel Insurance

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