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See and Do

Canada is a country with wilderness pure and unlimited possibilities.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast and wilderness seeker or you are interested in aboriginal culture and the pioneer era, Canada has lots to offer.

With an endless variety of landscapes from sky-high mountain peaks to rainforests and remote sandy beaches, you have an unlimited choice of what you want to see and do during your trip.

Road trip adventures

Venturing on a road trip is the ultimate Canada vacation. Whether you rent a camper, rent a car or decide to buy a car to hit the road, route planning is key to getting the most out of your trip.

Travel slow

Don’t rush from one place to the next, stop on the way, explore hidden treasures, talk to the locals, join a small town rodeo, visit a local pub, learn about the native culture, stop for a hike – don’t just keep on driving.

With the enormous distances in Canada, it’s easy to get into driving mode and put thousands of kilometres behind, taking a quick shot out of the car window of a grizzly crossing the road. But this is nothing like the real thing when you go out there and hike in the wilderness.

Wildlife and the great outdoor

It doesn’t matter which direction your trip takes you, Wildlife viewing opportunities are plentiful, and so are outdoor activities with lots to see and do.

See and Do - Mountain view
South Chilcotin Mountains, British Columbia

Explore Canada’s national parks and spend enough time to appreciate the experience. Enjoy a crackling campfire in the wild while brewing a pot of cowboy coffee.

The great outdoors, the wildlife, and the small towns, that’s what make Canada so special!

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