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Backcountry Hiking In Canada – Best Day Hikes

Hiking in Canada doesn’t have to be tough. Before you decide to go on the West Coast Trail, try a day hike in one of Canada’s National or Provincial Parks.

Hiking in Canada - Day Hikes

The National Parks and Provincial Parks in Canada offer suitable hiking trails for everyone.

Canada is the place of some of the most spectacular wilderness remaining in the world. Spending a day hiking the trails will give you a real appreciation of what’s out there.

The wild areas are precious, and as more and more of us discover the wonders of our natural environment we have to make sure that each of us helps to protect and preserve them.

Backcountry Canada Hiking

Stay on existing trails if possible. Where trails don’t exist, select a route over the most durable terrain.

Remember, when you are hiking into the backcountry you are entering the homes of wild animals. Respect their space and view them from a distance, don’t intrude into their space. Learn more about the Canadian Wildlife.

Best Places To Get Information About Hiking

Visitor Information Centres

The local Visitor Information Centre is always the first place I stop when I arrive in a new town. The shelves of those places are stocked with valuable information about the area, brochures, and basic maps. The Centre hand out information covering the whole province so you can plan your trip and activities as you go.

Stop inĀ and inquire about the hike you have in mind. Find out whether the time of year is good for it. Get directions to the trailhead, and ask about trail conditions and what to expect. Inquire about other hiking in Canada, what hikes they suggest and what equipment you will need.

Are you a solo traveller and you are not sure whether hiking alone in Canada is safe? Find out why I think that Hiking alone is a rewarding experience.

Hiking In Canada Twin Lakes

Outdoor and Hiking Clubs

If you are planning to stay in one area longer for extended hiking in Canada, it will be worth it to invest in a local hiking guidebook.

Many areas in Canada have local outdoor clubs. Their members keep the trails open and often sell a Hiking book with detailed information about the trails.

Most of the Clubs have a season hiking plan and they take guest hikers along for a small fee. If you are new to hiking in the backcountry, it might be a wise idea to join one of the clubs for a day hike. A guided hiking experience may just be what you need to plan other hiking tips.

You will find a number of Alpine Clubs and Hiking Clubs on the Internet. Most clubs are provincial and area-based.

In the Okanagan Valley where I live, we have the Vernon Outdoor Club. They also have a great little Hiking book available with maps and GPS coordinates. Check out their website if you are interested. Or get in touch with me and I might join you on a backcountry hiking adventure!

The most spectacular hikes they prescribe are in the Monashee Mountains. If you want to get away from tourists and you want to experience solitude, check them out. Make sure you plan your trip well when you head into the Monashee Mountains. This is Grizzly country, isolated and wild and you want to go prepared.

Day Hiking - resting at a lake

Happy Hiking in Canada!

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