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Authentic Train Travel Canada

Since I started to research Train Travel Canada, my interest in trains has grown. Therefore, as soon as I get a chance I will be on the Skeena to Prince Rupert and on the Algoma into the Agawa Canyon.

Train Travel Canada
Train trip across Canada

Train Travel is not only about getting from A to B, but it’s also about the experience. Travelling by train through Canada might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about travelling in Canada. But what better way is there; it beats buses and coaches for sure. To see the Canadian Backcountry in all its splendour, in air-conditioned comfort, while enjoying great food and a good night’s sleep, sounds pretty good to me.

“There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run. When the wild majestic mountains stood alone against the sun. Long before the white man and long before the wheel. When the green dark forest was too silent to be real.”

The Canadian Railroad Trilogy

The Canadian Railroad Trilogy is a song written, composed and performed by Canadian Singer-Songwriter Gordon Lightfoot and describes the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. You can find the song on Lightfoot’s album “The Way I feel” one of my favourite albums.

I never forget the Lightfoot concerts at Massey Hall when I lived out East. While Lightfoot’s song describes the optimism of the Canadian railroad age, it also tells about the cost in sweat and blood of building an iron road running from the sea to the sea. Probably not many travellers think of this when they hop on a train in Canada.

The Rocky Mountaineer – Train Travel On A Tourist Train

The first-class Rocky Mountaineer offers train trips through the Rocky Mountains between Vancouver and Banff, Calgary or Jasper.

A Canadian tour company privately owns the Rocky Mountaineer.  The luxury Western Canadian train vacation packages include four different rail routes. The scenic routes through the Canadian Rockies take you through a spectacular landscape. The onboard service is excellent. The Rocky Mountaineer has developed into a world-class travel experience. This is a tourist train and expensive. For visitors with not much time available, it’s probably worthwhile.

Tourists use this train as part of a package. Independent travellers have the option to buy one-way tickets.

Rocky Mountaineer Travel Routes

  • Vancouver – Banff
  • Vancouver – Jasper
  • Vancouver – Whistler
  • Whistler – Jasper

On the Rocky Mountaineer, two levels of services are available, Redleaf and Goldleaf. Goldleaf is the way to go. You will travel in a domed car with a dining room below.  The chefs will spoil you with fresh-cooked meals.

The Rocky Mountaineer only runs during the day. This never lets you miss a moment of the amazing views. The passengers are booked into a hotel for the night.

Train Travel Canada with the Rocky Mountaineer offers you luxury but with high costs. You could drive across the province for a fraction of the cost and be free to explore along the way.

Train Travel Across Canada

Canada’s railway links the east and the west coast. Via Rail Canada operates the national passenger rail service on behalf of the Government of Canada. Canadian long-distance trains are a great way to see the country.  No matter whether you travel on the inter-city trains between Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec, the “Ocean” from Montreal to Halifax, or Canada’s classic trans-continental train, “The Canadian” from Toronto to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Jasper and Vancouver.

Train Travel in Canada - Route Map

The Legendary Canadian

Via Rails # 1, The Canadian operates from Toronto to Vancouver. The train stops in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Jasper, with several weekly departures. The 4466 km journey takes 83 hours. The Canadian travels throughout the night. Departing from Vancouver you will miss most of the British Columbia scenery. The good news is that you will approach the Rockies by daylight.

The journey aboard “The Canadian” is considered one of the world’s most spectacular train trips. Breathtaking scenery displays every minute between Toronto and the Pacific Coast. November to April is the offseason. Travel in the dead of winter may result in some delays.

The westbound train slides through miles of forested wilderness above Lake Superior. It slides across the great plains of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The two Canadian prairie provinces grow and ship large quantities of grain all over the world.

The Canadian passes through Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park. Just before the town of Jasper, the route leads through the spectacular Yellowhead Pass, the border between Alberta and British Columbia. This part is stunning with the best view of the train winding around the tracks with mountain peaks and pine trees in the background.

On the last day of that journey, the train follows the Fraser River down through the amazing beautiful valleys of British Columbia to the Pacific Ocean. Via Rail’s transcontinental journey provides awesome meals along with breathtaking scenery.

This is not only train travel Canada, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Lucky passangers might see a bear or two on the tracks. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready. Around Jasper, elk and deer are wandering about, and bald eagles are soaring high up in the sky.

Booking: The Canadian runs three times a week during peak season and twice weekly during the off-season. For more information visit viarail.ca

From Montreal to Halifax: The Ocean

The Ocean (train) is a Canadian passenger train operated by Via Rail between Montreal, Quebec, Halifax and Nova Scotia. It is currently the oldest continuously operated passenger train in North America. The Ocean’s schedule takes approximately 21 hours, running overnight in both directions.  You travel hundreds of kilometres while you sleep in comfort.

Train Travel - The Ocean

Together with the Canadian and Via Rail’s corridor trains, the Ocean provides a transcontinental service. When you wake up, you’ll be in Canada’s Atlantic Maritime region.

Train Journey Jasper – Prince Rupert Train (The Skeena)

A train not to be missed! Plunging deep into the wilds of British Columbia, the Skeena takes you on a 1.160-kilometre journey. This journey takes you past the highest peaks of the Canadian Rockies. You will see countless lakes and waterfalls with spectacular views of the beautiful Pacific Coast, past the rustic settlements and farms.

The train stops overnight in Prince George. In the morning it winds through the Yellowhead Pass, across British Columbia’s interior plateau and along the mighty Skeena River. For many travellers, this is the best train trip ever. Many would choose this over the expensive Rocky Mountaineer. The train makes several stops where everyone can get off for a few minutes. You can request a stop and you can get doped off anywhere.

This is a way to absorb parts of Canada that most people don’t know exists

It’s not a trip for people keen to get somewhere quickly. You will get a leisurely viewing of the magnificent Canadian mountain scenery and wildlife. The train often runs late, freight trains have right of way!

In the off-season, the train might only have two cars, the coach, and a dome/lounge and it won’t be crowded. This is the kind of laid-back train that lets people off at road crossings in the middle of nowhere. Why spend all that money on the Rocky Mountaineer!

The train conveys Economy Class and Touring Class during the peak summer period.  Food is available from the small galley/bar in the dome car for Economy Class passengers. Touring Class passengers are treated to hot meals and staff offer commentary throughout the journey.

The train offers connections at Prince Rupert between the BC Ferries service to Port Hardy, and the Alaska Marine Highway service to points in southeast Alaska. At Jasper, the train connects to the Via Rail Canadian to Vancouver and Toronto.

For the Via Rail Routes map check the main map above.

Train Travel from Winnipeg to Churchill

The best train travel trips take you to places without roads or cars. The Winnipeg-Churchill train is one of them, operated by Via Rail. The train completes the 1,700-kilometre journey to the vast subarctic region of Northern Manitoba, in two days. Formerly known as the Hudson Bay and the Northern Spirits before that, it operates bi-weekly as a passenger train.

The train runs through Manitoba and Saskatchewan and travels on the Canadian National Railway line North to The Pas. From The Pas, it transfers to the Hudson Bay Railway. It passes through Thompson and Gillam on the way to the Port of Churchill on Hudson Bay.

Train travel Churchill train route

The northern stretch of the Hudson Bay line stops at many small communities along the way. Many residents depend on this route for their livelihood, so it’s a good place to talk to locals and learn about their daily life. “Whistle” stops can be made at any point to let people on or off. All sorts of people seem to appear from and disappear into the wilderness. At some stops on the way, you might watch containers being loaded with fish, and taken off a couple of stops later. Poverty shows sadly in various places along the way and is very troubling.

You can drive to Thompson Manitoba, an economic and mining centre.  From Thompson, you can hop on a train to Churchill.  The overnight trip takes 14 hours.

Churchill is the place in Canada to see polar bears up close. The northern lights dance across the arctic skies during the winter months. The train trip takes 43 hours and tends to run behind schedule. Count in enough time if you have a program booked. The town of Churchill is only accessible by train, Via Rail or by air.

Agawa Canyon Tour Train

One of the most popular train tours in Northern America is the famous Agawa Canyon Tour Train.  The train departs from Algoma’s largest municipality, Sault Saint Marie, Ontario.

Between the end of June and mid-October, the one-day excursions run http://www.agawacanyon.com/seven days per week and transport visitors 114 miles through the Algoma wilderness. The train travels over towering trestles, alongside northern lakes and rivers through awesome granite rock formations to the beautiful Agawa Canyon.

Travellers can get off the train at Mile 114. You have an hour and a half to experience the beauty of Canyon Park. Enjoy the scenic walks to several waterfalls and a breathtaking lookout, 250 feet above the canyon floor.

The best time to enjoy this nostalgic train trip is from the middle of September to the first week of October when the spectacular fall colours can be seen.

Agawa Canyon also offers Canyon Combos which you can get more information about at Agawa Train.

Add adventures along the way

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