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Working Holiday Visa for Canada

Would you like help with your working holiday visa and with finding a job?

Working Holiday Visa Canada

You checked out the visa for Canada information and the Work Visa and you think that you most probably are eligible. What next?

You have two choices applying for a Working Holiday Visa

1. Apply for a Working Holiday Visa direct with International Experience Canada (IEC)

Working Holiday Visa - trimming treesTo apply for a working holiday visa yourself is definitely possible. If you choose this option, do your research on how to do it and how to fill out the paperwork.

The Canadian government visa website is user-friendly and offers tons of information. Read all the instructions and FAQs on the IEC website.

Still, depending on your situation and how much time you have available, it can get rather overwhelming. It certainly can give you a headache, to get all the details right.

If you’re looking for an easier, hassle-free way to get a working holiday visa for Canada, there is another option for you.

2. Apply for a Working Holiday Visa through a Visa Agency

To plan a work and travel experience in Canada involves sorting out the visa, insurance, flights, bank account, social security number, and lots more. You have to look into employment options and how to find accommodation.

There are a number of companies in Canada who can help you with all that.

A reputable visa agency (beware, not all are reputable) will do all the work for you, they will make sure that you are eligible and that all documents are complete and in order.

If you apply for a Canadian working holiday visa yourself and you make a mistake, your application will be knocked back. If this happens, you will waste time and may have to pay extra charges.

If an agency lodges your Canadian working holiday visa (IEC) application, you are unlikely to be refused a visa. A visa agency makes sure everything is correct and complete before they lodge.

They can process your visa within 48 hours and you don’t have to leave the house or send away your passport or anything.

Doesn’t that sound just perfect! To take this route offers many great benefits.

To get help in obtaining a visa saves lots of hassle and time. To get a visa is one thing, but there will be other steps you have to take.

There is lots more they can do for you than getting you a visa.

Arriving in Canada and finding a job

As a first-time traveller to Canada, you may be a bit nervous about the uncertainty, worried whether you will find a job and a place to live and whether you will meet people and make friends.

There is all the other stuff you need to sort out before you start working:

  • Canadian bank account,
  •  tax file number.

The agency can take care of all that for you and more.

Canadian Bank Account

You will need a Canadian bank account so that your employers can pay you.

An agency can organize that for you. To have a Canadian bank account before you leave home makes it easy for you to transfer money to Canada.

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Very important! Everybody needs a SIN number to work in Canada. At the end of the tax year, you are entitled to a tax refund.

ArWorking Holiday Visa Canadarival in Canada

Imagine arriving at Vancouver airport after a strenuous long flight, red-eyed and dazed and jet-lagged. Arrival at an airport sucks, especially if there is nobody there to pick you up!

If you are planning your own travel without the help of an agency, make sure to book a hotel room or a hostel for the first night to kick-start your Canada experience.

Backpacker Hostels are a great way to meet other travellers and get information about job options.

Of course, there is a higher cost involved when choosing this option, but it makes the process easier.

Applying with an agent

Some of the Canadian companies have partners in your home country that offer similar services.

Do it yourself, be independent

Before you decide to pay an agency, check out my article 8 Tips for finding a job and working in Canada.