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Guided Tours and Adventure Activities in Canada

Take a peek at adventure tours and wilderness vacations offered in Canada’s Provinces and Territories and get ready for a first-class Canadian experience

G Adventure (Gap Adventures)

G Adventure is an adventure tour company based in Canada with offices in more than 100 countries. The company was founded as Gap Adventures in 1990 and is known for responsible travel, conservation, and sustainability with a high safety standard.

Even though they started as budget adventure tour companies for the 18-to-39-year-old age group, today they offer a wider variety of budget ranges and activity levels for all ages.

Why choose G Adventure for your Canada trip

  • Excellent price value
  • Good selection of promotions and tours with excellent value
  • Lifetime deposit – If for any reason you have to cancel your trip, your deposit is safe – for life. It is also transferable to another person, so you can’t lose. They offer tours for families as well as adventure tours for backpackers with lots of flexibility. You can be sure that they will take you off the beaten path.

Tour Style Selection

  • YOLO Tours for young, active travellers
  • Local Living Tours for a more local experience
  • Active Tours for the adrenaline
  • Classic Tours
  • Family Tours
  • Rail, Marine, and even Private Tours
  • National Geographic tours, which are excellent for photographers and adventurers who like to travel in style!


Wilderness Horse Adventures

Are you dreaming about spending your vacation riding horses to experience the Canadian Wild West? If this is the case, a wilderness ranch vacation or a horse-pack trip is the answer for you. To spend some time on a wilderness ranch in Canada is a bucket list experience like no other, it’s authentic and unique.

I have years of experience in the guest ranch industry and I know how important it is to choose the best riding vacation experience. There are many guest ranches out there, and not every ranch is suitable for everyone.

The ranches I recommend offer authentic wilderness vacations and are suitable for adventure lovers and wilderness enthusiasts. Find your way back to the basics, leave the daily stress behind for a while, find back to nature. Get the enjoyment and excitement of seeing Canada’s wild animals in a natural habitat while you ride on horseback through the mountains and learn new skills.

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