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Guided Tours in Canada in 2024

Take a peek at a selection of guided tours in Canada and see what kind of wilderness adventures are offered in Canada’s Provinces and Territories.

Canada is a huge and diverse country. Much of the land still remains uninhabited. The Canadian West, East and North are like three different worlds and there are good reasons to see them all. Because of the enormous size, advanced planning is important. In the end, it will save you money and time later. In many circumstances booking guided tours in Canada is the best choice to capture a unique travel experience.

Guided tours in Canada can be by small plane for a real adventure.
Guided tours in Canada come in many different variations

Decide on your travel destinations, and what parts of Canada you want to see. Is it the East, the West, or the North? What kind of experience are you looking for?

Why you should join a guided tour

What to look for in guided tours

Horseback riding adventures

Guided hiking trips

Guided kayak tours

Dog sled tours

Whale watching tours

Polar bear watching tours

Rocky mountain tours

Heliskiing tours

Canadian scenery, lakes, mountains,forests

Why you should join a guided tour

Guided tours aren’t for everyone. But for solo travellers, or someone who doesn’t know the language or doesn’t want the hassle of planning, a guided group tour in Canada might be the perfect way to see a new destination – and make some new friends along the way. 

Guided tours in Canada might take you to places, you wouldn’t find on your own. A professional guide has a wealth of knowledge about the areas you’re visiting, history, customs, culture, and wildlife.

Joining a tour is convenient and saves you the hassle of researching everything before leaving home.

What to look for in guided tours

Don’t choose tours that pack in the most, in the least amount of time, for the least amount of money, it’s not worth it. If you haven’t been to Canada before, you underestimate the distances between places. I guarantee you, you will spend lots of time on the road, more than you ever expected!

We all have different expectations when we travel. Some people want luxury, while others want basics. On some of the trips, you get spoiled, on other ones you will be expected to pull your weight, unload the truck, collect wood, build a fire and help with meals and cleanup.

What I look for when choosing a guided tour:

  • Small groups, between 10 and 15 participants
  • A guide with a wealth of knowledge about the areas I’m visiting
  • For adventure activities, I want a seasoned and experienced guide well versed in the tour’s activity and one that ensures a memorable experience.
  • Authentic camping, sleeping in tents and campfires at night
  • Visiting off-the-beaten-track places and not just going to the well-known tourist attractions
  • A tour that allows plenty of time to hike, swim and explore
  • A tour with many positive reviews

Guided Horseback Adventures

Are you dreaming about spending your vacation riding horses? If this is the case, a wilderness ranch vacation or a horse-pack trip is the answer for you for a bucket list experience like no other, authentic and unique. If a ranch vacation is not for you, check out the hourly horse riding tours instead.

More info:

Horseback riding tours in Canada

Guided hiking trips

Canada’s wilderness is a hiker’s paradise. Whether you are a fanatic backcountry hiker or you are just up to it for a one-time experience, a hiking trip will add to your travel memories.

More info on hiking and how to find outfitters for guided hiking trips.

Hiking tours in Canada

Guided kayak tours

Kayaking expeditions are great for solo travellers and anyone who is ready for an experience of a lifetime.

Remote, wild and challenging or quiet, and gentle, sea kayaking or floating down a river there is a tour for every paddler. Remote pristine wilderness, beautiful nature and wildlife viewing are included in any trip.

Learn more and find outfitters who offer guided kayak trips.

Canada is great for paddling

Dog sled tours

A thrilling and authentic way to travel in Canada is by dog sled. You’ll find dogsledding adventures for every level of musher, from beginner to expert.

Head out on a short day trip or spend a week with the dogs packed tight on a winter camping experience with wall tents under the northern lights.

Where to find dog sledding and husky guided tours in Yukon.

Bucket list experience, dogsledding in the Yukon, Canada

Whale watching tours

With one of the longest coastline on Earth, Canada is one of the top whale-watching destinations in the world.

Depending on the location, the best time for whale watching is typically May to October. Choose a whale watching tour that is safe, educational, and enjoyable.

Where to find whale watching tours.

Canada is the perfect place to go on a Whalewatching tour

Polar bear watching tours

There are a few extraordinary polar bear viewing tours available in Canada! Churchill, at the edge of Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba, is the easiest accessible place to see polar bears.

Unfortunately, it is an expensive experience but totally worth it.

Polar Bears in Churchill, an amazing experience

Rocky Mountain tours

A Canadian Rocky Mountain tour has to be on everyone’s bucket list. The part of Western Canada with jagged, ice-capped peaks, including towering Mt. Robson, is a region of alpine lakes, diverse wildlife and outdoor recreation sites. 

Find the best tour package for the most unique Canadian Rockies experience.

  • TourRadar – nearly 100 Rocky Mountain tours to choose from, offering the best prices
Touring the Rocky Mountains

Heliskiing tours

Canada is considered one of the top heliskiing destinations in the world. Here you can reach the top of the mountain by helicopter, instead of a ski lift and ski or board downhill off-trail. This is an expensive, one-in-a-lifetime experience not suitable for first-time skiers.

More info on heliskiing and how to find tour operators in Canada:

Best Heliskiing in Canada

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