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Authentic Wilderness Ranch Vacations Canada

A trip to Canada just can’t be complete without spending a few days at one of our unique Guest Ranches in Western Canada. Who doesn’t dream about a western lifestyle experience!

Ranch Vacations in Canada
Pure wilderness in the Chilcotin mountains

Be away from the world as you know it, in a place surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine mountains, lush valleys, pine forest and desert canyons, sounds like a dream for many. Riding into the wild on horseback, what better way to get a taste of Canada’s so much talked about wilderness. Ranch vacations can make your dream a reality.

While in Canada make sure to stay at a Guest Ranch for a few days. Enjoy the Canadian western way of life and the family-like ranch atmosphere which will make you feel at home. A week’s stay is ideal and gives you time to adjust your pace to guest ranch life. However, if a couple of days is all you have, or you can’t afford a longer stay, even a short ranch vacation will create forever memories. You will leave the ranch with new skills and a clear mind and a horse riding experience you will never forget.

Depending on the ranch you choose, you can be fully involved in the ranch activities and the daily life of horses. Or you can relax and get pampered with a spa treatment after a few hours in the saddle to soothe your body.

If you are a beginner in western riding you get instructions. You learn how to saddle up and get introduced to the basics of horsemanship.

Some of the ranches offer horse pack trips into the Canadian wilderness where you stay in overnight camps for an experience like no other.

How to choose a Wilderness Guest Ranch Vacations

Not all guest ranches offer the same experience. Also, ranch stay is not cheap, therefore be sure what your expectations are. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Are you interested in a ranch-based vacation or horse pack trip (camping with horses)?
  • Does luxury in the wilderness appeal to you, horse riding combined with a spa treatment, fitness, and excellent cuisine?
  • Do you prefer it rather basic in regard to luxury, with wilderness and nature being a priority?
  • Are you interested in an overnight horse pack trip into the mountains?
  • What other wilderness activities are you interested in apart from horseback riding (hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing)?
  • Is horseback riding the main reason for you to book a ranch vacation?
  • How much time do you have available?
  • How big is your budget?
  • Are you travelling solo, with a partner or family?

Since I’ve been operating a guest ranch myself until spring of 2016, (Silver Spur Trails Wilderness Ranch), I’m very well aware that not all visitors have the same expectations when it comes to ranch vacations. Therefore, make sure to know what you want before booking a wilderness adventure.

Ranch Vacations Westkanada
The world of adventure

What I suggest

Since I closed my guest ranch for business, I’ve been getting many inquiries about ranch vacations and horse pack trips. As soon as people hear that my ranch is closed, they ask whether I can suggest another ranch. That’s the reason why I came up with the idea to offer a new service to visitors from overseas who want to stay on a BC guest ranch.

I can suggest an ideal guest ranch and the most suitable package for you. I live in British Columbia, have years of guest ranch experience and know the ranches I suggest personally. I’m also familiar with the area where the ranches are located.

So, if you are planning a Canada trip and would like to add a guest ranch vacation to your adventure, you have come to the right place.

Why you should trust my opinion

  • My knowledge – I operated a wilderness guest ranch in British Columbia for many years.
  • I know what visitors to Canada expect from a guest ranch.
  • My European background helps me understand your expectations and problems.
  • I personally know all the ranches I suggest, as well as the management.
  • I’m familiar with the location of the wilderness ranches and the remote areas of Western Canada.
  • I want you to find the ranch and the package that is right for you.
  • Get tips on what to bring along for a ranch vacation.

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