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Manitoba Travel Guide

The province of Manitoba Canada has a lot to say, make the journey and let it speak to you.

Manitoba Canada - Polar Bears

About Manitoba

Manitoba Canada is a prairie province with thousands of lakes and many rivers and it’s a land of great opportunities. Northern Manitoba has some of the best wildlife viewing areas in Northern Canada. You can go snorkelling with beluga whales, come face to face with polar bears and spend long nights in awe of the wonder of the Northern Lights.

Winnipeg, the gem of the prairies

Winnipeg lies at the confluence of the TED and Assiniboine Rivers, a location known as The Forks. This point was at the crossroads of canoe routes used by Aboriginal people prior to European contact.

The city rises above the prairie and it’s a metropolis where you the least expect it. It is a destination worth stopping at to stroll through its historic neighbourhoods.

Winnipeg’s emerald jewel is the Assiniboine Park, worth at least a half day’s visit.

The great white North of Manitoba Canada

If you follow your compass farther north, the northern lights not only occur more frequently but are brighter too. In towns like Churchill, the lights are a major attraction.

But the major attraction in this small community in the north of Manitoba Canada is its big, furry neighbours, the polar bears. Best time of year for sightings of the great white animals are in October when they migrate onto rapidly freezing Hudson Bay to fish, and late June, when thawing ice forces a return to shore.


Much of Manitoba’s outdoor fun involves its 100,000 lakes and the many rivers that link them.

Manitoba’s lakes are home to dozens of species of fish. Fly-in fishing at isolated spots like Aikens and Dogskin lakes, northeast of Bissett in Atikaki Provincial Park attract anglers of all skill levels. Other popular places are Gods River, Knee Lake, and Island Lake, all in northeast Manitoba Canada. In the north-west region, you find Big Sand, Egenolf, and Nueltin lakes.

Lake Winnipeg is known by windsurfing enthusiasts which take advantage on breezy days.

When canoeing down the Grass River, near the junction of Highway 10 and 39 you have the opportunity to see the beauty of the northern frontier.

Chilling out

When the lakes freeze over in Manitoba Canada, ice fishing and ice skating are favoured activities. Such places as Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg are irresistible for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Many snowmobiling trails criss-cross the province and call the adventures to kick up some powder in Duck Mountain and Turtle Mountain provincial parks.

Skiers can take on over 20 runs at Asessippi and Winter Park ski areas.

Riding Mountain National Park rises from the flat and offers a wealth of opportunity for activity. Self-guiding hiking trails range from the easy Beach Ridges Trail to the difficult Bald Hill Trail, named for the barren hill towering over lush green trees. Another suggested trail is the Ochre River Trail, which entices both trekkers and cross-country skiers.

The park’s Clear Lake Trail is a challenging, 25 km cycling route that traverses part of an Indian reserve. Before starting the trip, you will need permission from the reserve.

There are also long trails for Mountain bikers and horseback riders available, like the 73 kilometres Central Trail.

Manitoba Canada’s Scenic Routes

Taking a road trip in Manitoba Canada can definitely turn into an adventure. Manitoba Canada has plenty of scenic routes, just hop into the car and go whichever way the wind blows.

Drive east and follow the yellow and blue signs which tell you’re on the La VĂ©rendry Trail. There are five travel corridors to choose from. You can spend days touring the small towns and natural path around Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Continue north to Rennie and Seven Sisters Fall before you circle back to the beaches on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.

Follow Hwy 9 north along the west side of the lake, the road winding along the shore to Gimli, with a stop at Winnipeg Beach. Have a break here to stretch your legs on the boardwalk.

Drive north on Hwy 8 to Hecla Island and Arborg, where you can follow PTH 68 west to Lake Manitoba and drive across the bridge spanning the lake at The Narrows.

Stop to enjoy the vibes, before moving west towards Dauphin, skirting the southern edge of Rainbow Beach Provincial Park.

Special Place To Visit

Churchill, Manitobaknown as the polar bear capital of the world. Churchill is located on the shore of Hudson Bay. It is Canada’s northernmost subarctic seaport and is the site of the Hudson’s Bay Co. This is a place to put on your bucket list. Can you imagine viewing polar bears in the wild?

Manitoba Canada – mysterious and enlightening, ready to be explored!