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Backcountry Canada Travel Media Kit

To run an ad on Backcountry Canada Travel is simple and extremely reasonably priced.

What I offer you

Your ad will be the only direct ad running on the page of your choice. Please note that I may run other affiliate ads (for example booking.com, BRMB) on the same page.

  • Your ad will run on one page, which could be on any page of the website or in a blog post (not on the homepage). I will suggest what I think would be the best fit for your business.
  • The link will be a straight click-through. It won’t go through any tracking at all at our end.
  • The link will be marked nofollow. Your ad will be marked as a Sponsored placement.

Why you should consider advertising on my Website

Backcountry Canada Travel is an independent travel website dedicated exclusively to Canada with a worldwide readership.

Terms for advertising

  • You’ll be a business I would consider using myself.
  • You commit to a minimum contract period of six months.
  • You deliver good artwork (see below)
  • You will pay upfront.

What it will cost

  • CND7 per month, per page, with a minimum period of six months, or CN$80 for 12 months.
  • Payment is 100 % upfront, via Stripe (most credit cards accepted) or e-transfer. No PayPal cheques or cash.

Ad Format

A single, non-animated, 600 pixel wide by maximum 300 pixel tall jpg. Maximum file size 75 kb, no exceptions.

Here is an Example:

media kit - ad example

I reserve the right to reject advertising I don’t like. Once approved, you can’t change the ad. I host the ad.

What I don’t offer

Tracking: None

Reporting: None.

SEO benefit: None. All ads and related links are marked as nofollow and will open in a new window.

Can we do sponsored content instead?

No, definitely not. I don’t like that stuff.

Can we work together some other way?

Not at this time, sorry!

Do you want to go for it?

Great! Please contact me via Contact Form. Save both your time and mine mentioning in the email the following:

  1. Which page or blog post you want to advertise on.
  2. Your business and why it will be of interest to our readers. Please keep it short. Add an URL if you can so I can get an idea about your business.
  3. Tell me about your artwork idea or attach some samples.
  4. Let me know when you would like to start your campaign.

I will be in touch shortly afterwards.

Thanks for your interest in working with me!