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How To Get Around Canada: Transportation Tips and Info Guide

Choosing the best to get around in Canada is an important part of travel planning. Getting around by bus, plane, train, car or campervan depends on your plans. Find out what suits you best.

Getting around Canada means covering large distances. How much time you have available for your trip will determine how you will travel and what transportation you will choose.

On top of the world - getting around Canada

Tips on how to get around Canada

Canada is a wonderful country with incredible tourist destinations. Of course, you would like to see as much as possible during the time you have available for your adventure. But, It is not possible to see it all!

Travelling across all of Canada takes months, or even years if you include the Canadian Arctic. Many major attractions are hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres apart. So, what is the best transportation for exploring Canada?

As a first-time visitor to Canada, you probably want to get a taste of the great Canadian wilderness and the Wild West. You want to see the majestic Rocky Mountains, the glaciers, and the world-famous Lake Louise in Alberta. And of course, nobody wants to miss Niagara Falls in Ontario and cities like Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. And what about the old goldrush town of Dawson City and Keno City, Yukon, and the caribou herds in the Northwest Territories?

Make sure you keep travel time and distances in mind when you plan your trip.

Don’t just race from one place to the next. This is only stressful and you don’t want to spend most of your vacation behind the wheel. Therefore, it is important to choose the right transportation for your Canadian vacation.

Travelling on a Budget

There are ways to stretch your dollar and still enjoy yourself. My most important tip is to make a budget for your trip and stick to it. Don’t worry, travelling on a budget doesn’t need to stop you from touring around Canada and having fun. Learn how to travel on a budget and your adventure will take you to all the places you have ever dreamt of.

Budget Travel Bus Canada backcountry

Travelling by Air

Think about the huge distances and the fact that Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Everything is far apart. Flying between places is an option to see different parts of the country in a limited amount of time.

Cheap Canadian Flights


You may prefer to stay on the ground. Driving is the most popular way to explore Canada and appreciate the wilderness landscape, from rugged mountains, and crystal clear lakes to the expanse of the never-ending prairie lands.

Getting around Canada by Bus

Canada is such a large country that bus travel is not the most desirable transportation choice to get around. Still, if you don’t want to drive yourself but want to stay close to the ground to enjoy the passing scenery, then bus travel could be an option.

  • Bus Travel in Canada
  • Ebus serves BC and Alberta
  • GoTicketCA makes finding tickets and schedules super simple.
Canada Tour Bus

Travelling by Train

Book one of the old-fashioned train journeys to see Canada. Different train trips and routes are available and can easily be combined with other travel options. The Canadian is Canada’s classic trans-continental train and operates between Toronto and Vancouver, but there are many other routes to choose from.

Train Travel Canada

Canada By Bicycle

A large part of Canada is suitable for cycling. Do extensive research before venturing on a cycling tour. Once you leave the cities and towns behind, you will be on your own. It is important to be prepared for a long and lonely journey. Although cycling is still not as common in Canada as it is in other countries, many cities have designated bike routes.

  • More about Cycling Canada
Canada by bicycle

Hitchhiking in Canada

Hitchhiking is the ultimate form for getting around Canada on the cheap. But. is it a good idea to hitchhike and is it safe? Check the local hitchhiking laws! In Canada, several highways have restrictions on hitchhiking, particularly in British Columbia and Ontario.

For more information:

Guided Tours

If you don’t want the hassle of driving and planning all the details, joining an organized tour is a great option. There are excellent tour operators to take you to glaciers and soaring peaks of the Rockies, to the amazing tundra of Manitoba, home of the polar bears, to the rugged coastline of the Maritime Provinces, or wherever else you want to go.

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