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Budget Travel In Canada – Backpacking

Budget travel in Canada, tips on how to save money and travel cheap

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you rich.

Budget Travel Bus Canada backcountry

Even budget travel will cost you money. The fact, that Canada is a huge country should make you consider the cheapest way to getting around. A small budget doesn’t need to stop you from touring around Canada. Travelling on a budget takes you to all the remote places you have ever dreamt off.

  • Getting Around – tips on cheap travel in Canada by plane, bus, tours and more.
  • Camper Rental – find out about Wicked Campers, which is an interesting budget travel solution.
  • Car Rental – what you should know about renting a car in Canada

Other options for budget travel will be interesting for backpackers and people on a working holiday, or anybody else who wants to travel Canada on the cheap:

Budget Travel In Canada – Buying A Car

Buying a car to travel in Canada might not sound like a cheap option, but it depends on various factors. A few European guests we had at our ranch over the years bought old cars and old campers before they left the ranch to tour Canada. Of course, buying a car only makes sense if you’re planning to spend several months in Canada. Buying a car takes time, and so does selling it again before you leave the country. The selling part could become stressful.

Buying a car is an option that is widely used for budget travel in Canada, mostly by backpackers and travellers on a working holiday visa. If you belong to that group, you will most likely stay in Canadian backpacker hostels. A backpackers hostel is an ideal place to make connections and meet people who are leaving Canada and selling their cars.  You will meet fellow travellers who can advise you where to go and buy a cheap car in the city you are in.

Of course, you don’t need to be a backpacker to buy a car and travel in Canada on a budget. All you need is enough time to make it worthwhile.

What you should know

The type of cars people buy and sell are mostly vans, small buses and campers. With these type of cars, you can save on accommodation as well once you leave the big cities.

Most vehicles are very affordable but might look a bit rough, if they have been used in the backcountry for years. You can have it checked at one of the local car service centres. Or you can take someone with mechanical knowledge on board, which also helps the budget.

The one thing you have to be aware of, that every province in Canada has different rules when it comes to registration and licensing. The easiest way is to renew the registration and sell the vehicle in the province where you bought it. This is not essential and doing it differently just needs a bit more time to plan and find out about the requirements.

If you are lucky you will find a good deal because someone is under pressure to sell fast because of their departure date. Allow more time and be smart and you might be able to sell your car with a profit before you leave. Make sure to read Car Buying Tips for Tourists for more information.

Budget Travel in Canada

Budget Travel In Canada – Sharing A Car

You would like to travel in Canada on a budget but you don’t have the time to buy a car, or you don’t have the money, or it’s too much hassle or risk and it’s just not for you. No Problem!

The people who do buy cars are always looking for passengers to help with fuel costs and take turns with the driving, the huge endless roads we have here in Canada. Check the notice boards in the hostels or anywhere else where travellers might stop, for notices of people looking for passengers. Hostels are great places to find information and make connections.

Another way to find a ride is to put up your own notice with information about your next destination and when you would like to leave. To be flexible is a must to make this way of travelling work without stress.

This also applies if you bought a car and would like to find passengers to share the costs. Putting up the notices in time and being flexible about departure times will always guarantee that you will find a passenger.

For more options check out the many car sharing websites.

The rewards of sharing a car

Sharing a car is an excellent way to travel and meet people from all over the world. Your days will be more fun travelling with someone and you might end up with some new friends.

To start off as a lone traveller means adventure, but to have some company part of the way doesn’t hurt. I travelled by myself for years, and I still have friend connections from that time.

Find out how I ended up in the backcountry of Canada.

Enjoy Budget Travel in Canada or find out about other ways of getting around Canada.