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Where Is the backcountry, what should you know about It? According to one dictionary, backcountry is a term to describe a wilderness or a remote, isolated area that is difficult to access, a place “off the beaten track”. Backcountry is also called the boonies, or the boondocks.

Explore Backcountry Canada – My Tips And Advice will Take You There Safely

Read, Plan, Dream, and Enjoy! 

The Authentic Soul of Canada is the Backcountry and its Wilderness

The Backcountry is where we leave crowds, machines, noise, and pollution behind and it gives us the opportunity for solitude. It’s the remote place where you will see the bluest skies and the brightest stars you have ever seen. How more idyllic can it be than pitching a tent under the stars and listening to the call of the loons, somewhere out in the woods – that is Backcountry Canada!

Backcountry good to know

Explore The Backcountry

Driving In The Backcountry – General Driving Information

Without a doubt, driving is the best option to explore the backroads and get to off-the-beaten-track places. You can go where ever you want, stop whenever you feel like and see the things that interest you, rather than someone else.

Driving On Unpaved Gravel Roads

Driving in the backcountry of Canada, away from the main tourist area, you will come across unpaved gravel roads and gravel Highways. Some of the gravel roads may require a four-wheel drive vehicle. Find out what to do if your vehicle breaks down or you get lost.

Camping in the backcountry

What you need to know to camp in the backcountry and how to be safe.

Campfire cooking

How to make a campfire and tools you need for cooking on the campfire.

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