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10 Iconic Yukon Highways

Yukon Highways are fast, wild, beautiful and road trips to be remembered.

The 10 Most Iconic Yukon Highways – Roads To Adventure

Get behind the wheel and get ready for the road trip of a lifetime, driving the Yukon highways.

There is no better feeling than driving the northern highways and having the roads to yourself. Forget about traffic jams, busy highways, and driving stress. Enjoy the fantastic scenery from desert and sand dunes to glaciated mountains and historic rivers. And finally, see wild animals in real time. Enjoy the midnight sun during summer when the days last almost 24 hours.

Facts about driving Yukon Highways

Yukon’s Highways take you through the most remote wilderness areas you can’t even imagine. Service stations and services are far apart and often you won’t have cell phone reception. You most probably will come across road construction sights. It’s important to follow posted speed limits and directions. Always watch for wildlife on Yukon Highways.

10 Iconic Yukon Highways

1) Alaska Highway: Yukon Highway #1

  • Connects: Watson Lake to Beaver Creek
  • Distance: 885 km
  • Highway Condition: Paved
  • Driving time: Approximately 9 hours 30 minutes
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Kluane National Park Yukon
Kluane National Park

The Yukon portion of the Alaska Highway is winding in and winding out northwestward through wild river valleys along tree-lined crystal clear lakes. The highway crosses many streams and rivers. The MacKenzie River drains to the Arctic Ocean and the Yukon River runs nearly 3,220 km to the Bering Sea.

In the west, the Alaska Highway parallels Kluane National Park and St. Elias Range, Canada’s tallest mountains.

Highlights Alaska Highway:

  • Add a sign to the signpost forest at Watson Lake
  • Experience the Teslin Tlingit Culture
  • Camp at Kluane Lake
  • Take a picture of Mount Logan, Canada’s highest mountain
  • Try to catch fresh fish dinner at a roadside stream

2) Klondike Highway: Yukon Highway #2

  • Connects: Skagway, Alaska, and Dawson City
  • Distance: 717 km
  • Driving Time: Approximately 8 hours
  • Highway Condition: Asphalt surfaced in good condition
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Teslin Bridge across Teslin River
Teslin Bridge across Teslin River

The Klondike Highway connects Skagway, Alaska and Dawson City, Yukon, the heart of the Klondike. From Skagway, Alaska the road climbs to the 1003 m summit near the Alaska/Canada border.

Between Skagway and the border, the road roughly parallels the old White Pass Trail, an alternative to the Chilkoot Trail. The Chilcoot was the shorter route for the gold seekers and therefore the more popular one.

The only community between Skagway and Whitehorse is the small hamlet of Carcross.

Highlights Klondike Highway:

  • Get aboard the Scenic Railway of the World
  • Visit the world’s smallest desert
  • Pan for gold in Dawson City

3) Haines Highway: Yukon Highway #3

  • Connects: Haines Junction, Yukon to Haines, Alaska
  • Distance: 235 km
  • Driving Time: Approximately 4 hours
  • Highway Condition: Paved, 2-line highway, open year-round
Black bears along northern highways
Frequent bear sighting opportunities

Yukon Highway 3 takes you from Haines Junction, Yukon, at km 1635 on the Alaska Highway to the coastal town of Heines, Alaska. Enjoy spectacular views of mountains and glaciers, changing to forests and alpine tundra. The road climbs up to an elevation of 1,070 m at Chilkat Pass.

Although the highway is maintained year-round if you plan on travelling the route between September 1st and June 1st be sure to check weather conditions.

Check on the Canadian and US customs opening hours before the trip and bring your passport. Note the different time zones between Canada and the US.

Highlights Haines Highway:

  • Birdwatching – gyrfalcons, snow buntings ptarmigan, red-throated loons, as well as other species
  • Venture on one of the many hikes
  • Fish for king salmon at Takhanne River in early June

4) Robert Campbell Highway: Yukon Highway #4

  • Connects: Watson Lake to Carmacks
  • Distance: 582 km
  • Highway Condition: Both gravel and pavement, all-weather road, can be rough and slippery in winter
  • Driving time: Approximately 7 hours
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Robert Campbell Highway Yukon
Robert Campbell Highway, Yukon

The Robert Campbell highway connects Watson Lake (km 1022 on the Alaska Highway) with Carmacks (km 356 on the Klondike Highway). This is mostly a narrow, windy gravel road is an alternative route to Dawson City.

At Ross River, you can take the Canol Road 210 km which rejoins the Alaska Highway at km 1345 (Canol Road Junction). Check for road conditions on Canol Road, especially if you are driving a large vehicle.

Highlights Robert Campbell Highway:

  • Travel slowly and camp along the way
  • Take a canoe trip down the Pelly River
  • Explore the First Nations town of Ross River
  • Spend time at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre in the former mining town of Faro

5) Dempster Highway: Yukon Highway #5

  • Connects: Klondike Highway to Inuvik, NWT
  • Distance: 736 km
  • Highway condition: gravel, open all year round, ferry service or ice bridge in winter
  • Driving time: Approximately 10 to 14 hours,
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Yukons iconic highway - Dempster Highway
Iconic Dempster Highway

The Dempster Highway (Yukon Route 5 / Northwest Territories Route 8) was completed in 1979. This is a gravel and crushed stone highway which extends to Inuvik, an Inuit village 325 km above the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories.

This wilderness route takes you to extremely remote regions of the Yukon cutting through the rugged mountain ranges of the Ogilvie and Richardson Mountains.

During rain, the road from Eagle Plains to Inuvik can be pretty treacherous.

Highlights Dempster Highway:

  • Venture on a day or overnight hike in the Tombstone Mountains
  • Learn about permafrost and the tundra vegetation
  • Pick cloudberries for breakfast
  • Spend a night near the Arctic Circle
  • Look out for caribou, grizzlies, and other wildlife
  • Visit the gravesite of the Lost Patrol at Fort Pherson

6) South Canal Road: Yukon Highway #6

  • Connects: Johnsons Crossing to Ross River
  • Distance: 220 km
  • Driving Time:
  • Road condition: gravel, rough, narrow winding road, one-way bridges, and sometimes road closure due to washouts, closed to traffic in winter
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South Canol Road, Yukon Highway 6 to Ross River
South Canol Road, Yukon Highway 6 to Ross River

The Canol Road leaves the Alaska Highway at kilometre 1345 and cuts through the wilderness to Ross River, where it intersects with the Robert Campbell Highway.

The seasonal road takes you above the treeline with scenic views of south-central Yukon’s wilderness. You travel through the traditional territory of the Kaska and interior Tlingit First Nations.

The South Canol Road turns into North Canol Road past Ross River across the river and ends at the border of the Northwest Territories.

North Canol Road, Northwest Territories: Yukon Highway #6

  • Connects: Ross River to Macmillan Pass at the Northwest Territories border
  • Distance: 206 km
  • Road condition: Rough, summer road only
North Canol Road Ross River Yukon Highways
Start of the North Canol Road across the River at Ross River

This north section of the Canol Highway is a summer only road with no services or facilities beyond Ross River. It provides access to the wilderness of eastern central Yukon and the Canol Road Heritage Trail, Northwest Territories.

The road parallels the famed and short-lived Canol, or Canadian Oil pipeline. Until the end of the war, it carried oil from Camp Canol near Norman Wells, Northwest Territories to Johnsons Crossing, Yukon.

The North Canol Road is steep and narrow in places and can be extremely slippery when it rains.

Highlights Canol Road:

  • Grayling fishing on Ross River and dinner in the wilderness
  • Driving one of the most challenging Yukon highways
  • Test your wilderness skills in real-time

7) The Atlin Road: Highway #7

  • Connects: Atlin, British Columbia, with the Tagish Road and the Alaska Highway at Jake’s Corner
  • Distance: 94 km
  • Driving time: Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Road Condition: Narrow and windy at some sections but in good condition
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Yukon highways Atlin Road
Floatplanes on Atlin Lake, BC

The Atlin Road turns south from the Alaska Highway (Yukon Highway 1), at 1.6 km from the junction with the Alaska Highway at Jake’s Corner, km 1393. The road parallels the eastern shore of Atlin Lake, the largest natural lake in British Columbia.

The road ends at the community of Atlin, located in the extreme northwest corner of British Columbia. Like other northern towns, Atlin was born during the great gold rush of 1898 when gold was discovered in nearby Pine Creek. Many historic buildings are still standing. To this day, there are active mining operations in the area.

Highlights Atlin Road:

  • Discover the Gold Rush history
  • Plan a kayak trip to the southern shore of Atlin Lake and hike to Lewellin Glacier
  • Book a floatplane for a spectacular sightseeing adventure

8) Top of the World Highway: Yukon Highway #9

  • Connects: Dawson City, Yukon to the Alaska-Yukon border, where it becomes the Taylor Highway (Alaska Route 5) and continues to Tetlin Junction, Alaska
  • Distance: 281 km
  • Travel Time: Minimum of 4 hours
  • Road Condition: Gravel and paved section, open from mid-May to mid-October, but possible to close earlier due to snow
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Top of the World Highway, Yukon
Top of the World Highway, Yukon Highways at its best

Top of the World is one of the Yukon Highways you don’t want to miss. As the name reveals, for most of the journey you drive along the peaks and crests of mountains and hills, leaving the valleys below. These mountains are rich with minerals and gold rush history and are the home to moose, caribou, and bears.

This gravel highway is winding and narrow in many places. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. The road is maintained only during late spring to early fall, depending on the ferry service at Dawson City. Border crossings are only allowed when customs offices are open (9 am to 9 pm Pacific time).

Highlights Top of the World Highway:

  • Take a detour to the historic town of Eagle, Alaska
  • Explore Chicken, Alaska, the frontier town with a special charm

9) The Nahanni Range Road: Yukon Highway #10

  • Connects: 107.8 km on the Campbell Highway north of Watson Lake to Canada Tungsten Mine
  • Distance: 200 km
  • Road condition: Gravel, no services along this road
Nahanni Road Map, Yukon
Nahanni Road Map

Shortly after leaving the Campbell Highway, the road winds through a pass between 2,100 m mountains, and then the road parallels the Hyland and Little Hyland rivers towards the Northwest Territories border at Km 188.

The town of Tungsten (Cantung) is not accessible to the public and there are no services along the road. There are places to camp along the way as well as the small government campground at Km 84.

Highlights Nahanni Highway:

  • Fish for Arctic grayling
  • Paddle down the Hyland River
  • Camp under the midnight sun

10) Silver Trail: Highway #11

  • Connects: Klondike Highway at Stewart Crossing to Kino City
  • Distance: 110 km
  • Travel Time: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Road Condition: Asphalt-surfaced to Mayo and rough gravel to Keno, open year-round
  • Related Link: Silver Trail Travel Guide,
Keno City at the end of the Silver Trail, Yukon's iconic highways
Keno City at the end of the Silver Trail

The Silver Trail to Mayo follows the Stewart River through an area that once was the richest silver-mining region in Canada. Pick up a Mayo Historical Buildings Walking Tour booklet at the Binnet House to have a peek into the history of the settlement.

After Mayo, the road turns to gravel and therefore can be rough after a couple of days of rain. The road takes you to the old mining town of Elsa and ends at Keno City, the most unique frontier town in the Yukon.

Highlights Silver Trail:

  • Visit the Binet House in Mayo
  • Learn about the mining history at Yukon’s largest mining museum
  • Hike up to Sourdough Hill
  • Drive up to Keno Hill Signpost for a million-dollar view
  • Stop in at Keno’s Snack Bar for the best pizza in the Yukon
  • Find out about mushroom hunting in the Yukon

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