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Your stepping-stone to the wilderness of Western Canada with valuable tips on visas, work and travel, budget travel. I introduce you to unique English language schools and wilderness ranches and suitable guest ranch for your western cowboying experience.  Here you find a selection of TOP Guided Tours and Attractions to make the most of your bucket list trip.

Canada is known for secluded campsites, best places to backpack, hike, and camp. Find out what off-road driving in the Canadian wilderness is all about.

Best of all, I teach you basic wilderness skills you need to survive in the wilderness. Discover the best Canadian small town rodeos and the wild west and – how to meet the locals. My blog posts keep you updated with insider travel tips and inspirations.

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Backcountry Travel Canada

START HERE Plan Your Wilderness Adventure

It can be difficult to know where to start when planning your dream trip to Canada. What’s the first step? Where do you gather all the information? Here you’ll find links to the pages and best articles on this site related to planning a trip to Canada – whether it’s a two-week Wilderness Adventure or a one or two-year-long stay. Save Save

Trip Planner

My Trip Planner gives you information on backcountry destinations in Western CanadaHere you also find “good to know” insider tips with general Canada facts, where to find the best topo maps, about wildlife, climate and weather. Find out what kind of backcountry accommodation is available, about car rental and everything else you need to know for your trip. The information and advice are taken from my own travels and from my years of living on the edge of the wilderness.

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Top Tours Attractions

Travel Blog

Small Town Living

11 Facts you should know about small town living in Canada

Do you rather live in a small country town and put up with small crap than committing to city life? I have experienced both, the anonymous lifestyle of big cities as well as the tightly knitted communities of small towns and rural communities in Canada. No matter what country you’re in, living in a small town and in a rural […]

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Selling Rural Property Canada

The Truth about selling Rural Property in Canada

Many of us have sold rural properties, some of us more than once; others may still try to sell. How long did it take you to sign the deal? Has it been years and you’re still waiting for the right buyer? Selling property out in the country is different from selling a house or condo in a city. Depending on […]

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Best travel apps Canada

13 Best Travel Apps for Touring Canada

For most of us, our Smartphone has become our constant companion and we can’t imagine life without it anymore. With a huge selection of travel apps available for everything we can think of it is challenging to pick the most useful apps for our trip. For this list, I picked 13 travel apps especially useful when touring Canada. In addition, check […]

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Car Rental in Canada

What you should know about Car Rental in Canada

Canada is the land of driving and big cars, but Canada’s car rental prices will shock you. When you fly into Canada you don’t have many choices. A car is often the only way to reach the spectacular destinations for which Canada is famous for. Other transportation will get you around the cities and from one town to another, but […]

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Cabin Fever in the frozen north

What To Do When Cabin Fever Hits

Cabin fever is a common shared experience across northern latitudes. We mostly use the term Cabin Fever for being bored and confined and feeling trapped. For Northerners, this means counting the restless days until the ice breakup and the chance to get underway. I never knew until this winter what cabin fever truly means. Every winter since my arrival in […]

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Horse Ranch, Guest Ranch, Wilderness Retreat. It’s like living in a retreat, a private setting, away from it all, surrounded by a prestige wilderness. This 78.3-acre property comes with two titles (59.5 acres and 18.7 acres). Located at the edge of the Monashee Mountains in the North Okanagan Valley bordering crown land makes this a recreational heaven. Miles of trails for horseback riding or ATV’s straight at your front door. Here you can enjoy a recreational lifestyle full of fishing, hunting and trail riding. Learn More
Ranch, Lumby BC
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